Benny Mardones: The Conversation

A Message from Benny

A message from Benny to you, please share this with everyone you know: For a man who has been told he has a gift for words, I find it strange to find myself speechless when I think about the outpouring of love and support I have received from you. I have been in the...


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INTO THE NIGHT: THE BENNY MARDONES STORY is the story of a 1980s two time one-hit wonder (‘Into the Night’) whose reckless lifestyle caused him to be blackballed from the music industry. On the edge of a career failure and the verge of suicide, Benny Mardones reemerged a superstar …in Syracuse, New York. Often humorous, and deeply touching, INTO THE NIGHT: THE BENNY MARDONES STORY depicts the ugly side of the corporate machine known as the music business, the love a performer can share with his fans and the power of a great song.

Benny Mardones
Wayne Newton
Tommy Mottola
Eddie Money
Roy Orbison
Dick Clark
Merv Griffin
Doc McGhee
Richie Havens
Bill McGathy

Bob Lefsetz, Lefsetz Letter

“Inside this documentary beats the heart of rock and roll.  From the underprivileged musicians who see this as their only way out to the fans who see their music as a reason to live.  Everybody who wants to get into this business should see this movie.  Because this is what it’s about.  You’ll laugh, but you’ll be touched.”

Austin Chronicle

“A classic”