Benny Mardones: The Conversation

A Message from Benny

A message from Benny to you, please share this with everyone you know: For a man who has been told he has a gift for words, I find it strange to find myself speechless when I think about the outpouring of love and support I have received from you. I have been in the...

Stand By Your Man

Curb Records 1995

“Stand By Your Man” was an ill-conceived attempt by the people at Curb to capitalize on the success of the self-titled record. Unfortunately, all this record did was further solidify the fact that Curb was not the right home for Benny Mardones. This record was again produced by Grammy award winning producer Michael Lloyd, and while some of the material is good, it may be the weakest record in Benny’s Catalog. One of the highlights of this record includes Benny’s version of the Roy Orbison classic “Running Scared”. Benny and Roy were good friends, and Roy even lived with Benny for about three months. “Running Scared” was the song that Barbara Orbison chose for Benny to sing at The Roy Orbison Tribute that aired on Showtime. It is said she asked him to sing that song because no one else could hit the notes.