Benny Mardones: The Conversation

A Message from Benny

A message from Benny to you, please share this with everyone you know: For a man who has been told he has a gift for words, I find it strange to find myself speechless when I think about the outpouring of love and support I have received from you. I have been in the...

Private Stock Records 1978

“Thank God For Girls” was Benny Mardones debut full length. It was released byPrivate Stock Records, in 1978. which was also the home to Blondie. The record did not make the mark many hoped for, partially based on the fact that Private Stock went out of business shortly after it’s release. “Thank God For Girls” was produced by the legendary producer Andrew Loog Oldham who was most famous for producing many of The Rolling Stones early albums. Many of the songs on this record (as well as n his next release “Never Run, Never Hide” were co-written by DL Byron . DL went on to write Pat Benetar’s smash hit “Shadows Of The Night” as well as become a solo artist who released records on Arista.

1. “All for a Reason” Billy Alessi, Bobby Alessi 5:10
2. “Your Own Man” Benny Mardones, David Leigh Byron 4:02
3. “From Your Heart” Mardones, Byron 3:34
4. “Thank God for Girls” Mardones, Hayden Wayne, Byron 5:21
5. “I Started a Joke” Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb 5:09
6. “Susquehanna Lady” Mardones, Byron 5:07
7. “Hold Me Down” Mardones, Wayne, Byron 3:18
8. “Timeless” Mardones, Michael Wendroff 4:38