Benny Mardones: The Conversation

A Message from Benny

A message from Benny to you, please share this with everyone you know: For a man who has been told he has a gift for words, I find it strange to find myself speechless when I think about the outpouring of love and support I have received from you. I have been in the...

Too Much to Lose

1981 Polydor

“Too Much To Lose” was Benny Mardones final record for Polydor. After the massive success of “Never Run, Never Hide” (especially the success of the song “Into The Night”) expectation were high for “Too Much To Lose”. Unfortunately, due to a variety of factors including a massive shake up at Polydor, the record was a commercial failure. But many people feel the record was a musical smash, containing some of Benny’s most songs including “Shelia C”, “Baby Don’t” and “I’m Not Gonna Cry Anymore”.

  1. 1. “Sheila C.” Benny Mardones, Robert Tepper, Duane Evans 5:26
    2. “This Time” Mardones, Tepper 6:16
    3. “The Dreamer” Mardones, Tepper 4:40
    4. “Till He Mentioned Your Name” Mardones, Tepper 5:12
    5. “Baby Don’t” Mardones, Tepper 4:14
    6. “Treat You Right” Mardones, Tepper 5:34
    7. “I’m Not Gonna Cry Anymore” Bobby David 4:20
    8. “Oh Me Oh My” Jim Doris 7:19